Novarion High End Storage and Server Products

“Forget what you have heard about hardware so far!”

No, you should not.

Only then can you compare and secure your advantages. Novarion is privately owned and firmly established in the Austrian market. With a subsidiary in Munich and the USA, Novarion is considerably expanding its reach. Partner companies secure technical support in almost every country in the world.

effect IT recommends Novarion server and storage hardware.


For its QuantON server series, Novarion uses RAM exclusively “Premium tested A-bin package for optimized performance”. This technique boosts the server performance up to 10% compared to the competition.


World-champion all-flash capacity

In a unique way, the TACYON® 3 scales from 4TB to 1600TB of net capacity and supports up to 144 SSDs on one controller. You get from NOVARION this first-class, to date hardly ever-to-pay performance at the cost of classic storage systems with ordinary hard disks (HDD). With the Novarion TACHYON 3, there is a completely new full SSD storage solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. From € 1.000, – per TB

Storage know-how for extreme storage performance

Top IOPs: performance in any operating condition The number of read / write operations per second is the measure of all things in central data storage systems. The TACYON® 3 records an extremely stable performance curve over all possible load scenarios, and all this with very short latencies of around 500μs (!) at the host. In the age of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Business Intelligence and Realtime, it is also time for a new Storage! TACYON® 3 achieves this sensational performance by the use of so-called 3D flash modules, which currently stack up to 200 layers stacked on top of each other, a multiple of two-dimensional structures. NOVARION is ready to integrate the next generation of electronic data storage devices using the so-called phase change technology into their products to provide even faster and larger storage systems at a lower cost.

Storage virtualization with Novarion PlatinStor: The storage controller has an integrated hypervisor. Realized with an additional RISC processor. These high-end products can be operated in a so-called storage grid (there is no failover). The PlatinStor is operated in native active/active mode (during normal operation all virtual volumes are available and accessible from both sides, in write and read mode).

Novarion DarCStar: For storage solutions in the PByte area a different kind is used, namely the object-based storage of the data. And a ring structure of the nodes. This system has a phenomenon: the more nodes the ring has, the more performance is available. The ring system is highly fail-safe: it is self-healing.


Novarion products can be purchased with up to 7 years of maintenance. A maintenance extension after 3 years has a fair price and can withstand any comparison against a new purchase. Up to 10 years parts support!


For both server and storage hardware the IPMI based management software is included, all features available, intuitively to use.   If we have aroused your curiosity and interest, please contact us. You get free advice and support throughout the procurement cycle and afterwards. There are numerous reference customers. Come and join us!

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