IT Maintenance

Up to 60 % less maintenance cost compared to the manufactures. Professional maintenance keeps your IT equipment running and gains the profitability of your company in the end. With hardware maintenance independent of the manufactures you will be able to avoid extra cost. This kind of maintenance may not fit for each and every situation. But for the most use cases you can actively and significantly reduce costs. This is the way of how to accomplish cost reductions. We offer hardware maintenance on a worldwide basis.


We offer independent third-party hardware maintenance and system trading for your data center. This type of maintenance does not fit to all of your requirements. But it works for almost every need. To an average up to 50% cheaper compared to the manufacturers such as HP, DELL, CISCO, IBM, EMC, NetApp, Brocade, HDS, Fujitsu, SUN / Oracle, transtec, etc.

  • Maintenance service for end-of-life (EOL) systems
  • Short-term maintenance contracts (eg. for  1, 2 … 6 months, etc.)
  • Maintenance for Point of Sales (PoS)
  • System Upgrades with original parts (refurbished)

Service Level Agreement

The SLA is optimally adapted to your needs. We keep every SLA of our competitors or even better.


For a comparison offer, we need a machine configuration, the desired SLA and the location of the machines.

Further Advantages

  • Third party maintenance also for network-hardware available (eg. Cisco, Brocade, HP, etc.)
  • Third party maintenance contracts on a monthly basis
  • Third party maintenance for End-Of-Service machines (eg. N-Series, Bull, Alpha, AS/400…)
  • worldwide hardware maintenance

References available – I directly connect you to them! We have branch offices in all of Austria where a total of 20 technicians are employed. In Germany there are approx. 200 technicians available that are backup for Austria as well. Let us convince you. We want you to compare us with your maintenance supplier. We look forward hearing from you!

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