Managed Security Services

The Solution

The goal is to identify all information about security-related events and risks from the entire IT landscape of a company at a glance. And appropriate countermeasures are promptly initiated.

Customers are primarily banks, insurance companies, logistics and industrial companies, critical infrastructure operators, government agencies.



  • The Teufelberger Group (Austria)
  • Red Bull (Austria)
  • FL1 (Telekom Liechtenstein)
  • Emirates Steel (United Arab Emirates)
  • Flughafen Salzburg (Austria)
  • Leonteq AG (Switzerland)

Managed Security Services – Your data never leaves your company

A specially secured radar appliance accommodates the modules and the Advanced Correlation Engine for automated detection. It is operated in the company network and collects, analyzes and processes all network data, log information and weak points. The results of the vulnerability scans for the IT infrastructure accessible from the Internet are transmitted encrypted to your radar appliance, leaving your security-relevant data in your company at all times.

Why Managed Security from RadarServices?

Virus scanner and firewall are no longer sufficient. The concept of today and the future is a continuous proactive IT security management.

Get an anti-cloud solution! This means that the data is left with the customer and the analysis of the cyberattacks happens directly in the customer environment.

We offer an efficient and effective IT security management at European level. No dependencies on the US Patriot Act.

Correlation within a module and cross-correlation of information from different modules lead to a high-quality detection of risks and security problems and a comprehensive view of the activities in the company.

No false positive and no false negatives. What you receive is 100% relevant for your company.

Risk Detection & Intelligence Service

The Risk Detection & Intelligence Service automates IT risk management in enterprises and provides a proactive, continuous and expert-monitored detection and elimination of IT risks.

The following modules are used for automated IT security monitoring and risk detection around the clock:

  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
    The collection, analysis and correlation of logs from different sources. Result in alarms for security problems or potential risks.
  • Network-based Intrusion Detection (NIDS)
    Detect dangerous malware, anomalies and other network traffic risks based on signature and behavioral detection engines.
  • Vulnerability Management and Assessment (VAS)
    Continuous, internal and external vulnerability scanning with comprehensive detection, compliance checks and tests for complete coverage to all vulnerabilities.
  • Software Compliance (SOCO)
    Compliant software per server / server group is determined by means of policies and a continuous analysis of the current status.
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)
    The analysis, monitoring and detection of anomalies in hosts lead to active reactions and immediate alarming.
  • Advanced Threat Detection (Email & Web / ATD)
    Next-generation sandbox technologies are used to detect “advanced malware” in e-mail and web downloads.


Advantages of RadarServices

  • Since the services are offered as a managed service, no investments in hardware and software and their maintenance as well as other resources or personnel training are necessary.
  • You do not need specially trained security specialists.
  • You do not have to worry about software. All you get from RadarService is always up-to-date.
  • Costs do not apply to already used installations and their removal.
  • Professional documentation for the EU GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation).


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